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This light-weight affordable harness is great for patients requiring minimal to moderate support for balance and gait training. This harness is best used for patients who can stand for application. One size fits most (waist size 28-50") Weight capacity 300 lbs.
Using a simple line drop you can maximize the space you have in your home or in a hospital environment.
We offer overhead rail installation in homes and hospitals. This allows for the use of electric lifts or mechanical advantage systems for patient lifting.
Grand Opening of the Mandir Mahotsav (BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir)
August 10-14 Steve and I had the honor and privilege of being invited to Robbinsville, NJ where the largest Hindu Temple outside of India was built and just opened this past weekend. It is a modern architectural marvel built in accordance with guidelines from ancient Hindu scriptures. We arrived at the end of the three day grand opening celebration in the presence of His Holiness Pramukh Swami Maharaj and his hierarchy of attending Swamis and Gurus. Steve had been contacted by a BAPS representative a couple months before this event who invited him to come and demonstrate the MASSRehab Balance Harness and overhead support system. At the time, Steve did not know it was potentially to be used to help keep the 93 year old Pramukh Swami Maharaj active and healthy! Over the course of four days we were often overwhelmed with the graciousness of everyone. It was a once-in-a-lifetime cultural experience that filled our senses with delicious foods, brightly colored and beautiful art, amazing architectural achievements, and loving people. Steve was honored to demonstrate the MASS Rehab harness on a portable overhead rail system to Swami Shri’s personal Physical Therapist and Senior Swamis attending to His Holiness. His personal Physical Therapist told Steve that after researching the balance harness online, he had expected to give it a 10% approval rating based on usability and comfort level, but after actually donning the harness and personally witnessing the flexibility of adjustment and the level of comfort and security it provided, he would now give it a 90% approval rating! Steve’s visit culminated in attending a ceremony where hundreds of construction workers and volunteers assembled to be acknowledged for their service and to be blessed by His Holiness, Swami Shri. Steve was asked to stand while he received a corsage of red roses and white carnations and the personal blessing from Swami Shri. If you are interested in learning more about the construction of this new Hindu Temple or the BAPS organization go to www.baps.org.
Conjoined Twins Preparing to Make a Splash
August 8, 2014 I previously reported on the home addition in Beavercreek, Ohio that has greatly improved the lives of Ronnie and Donnie Galyon. At the July celebration, their nurse shared with us how she would love to be able to get Ronnie and Donnie in their brother’s above ground pool to provide them with beneficial therapy and a greater variety of exercise. This, of course, got Steve’s wheels turning on how he could make a customized chair lift to get them in and out of the pool safely. Today, Steve and Kurt tested the customized seat with Ronnie and Donnie utilizing their indoor ceiling rail system and lift. It was a success, and Ronnie and Donnie are looking forward to trying it out over the pool soon, so they can get wet. Stay tuned for “Splash Down” coming in the next couple of weeks!
St. John's Macomb Hospital
August 6, 2014 The 40ft. E-Track system that MASS Rehab installed 6 months ago was inspected, and some minor adjustments were made to allow for smoother tracking. Kristen Blankenship reported that the therapists are successfully utilizing the new track system extensively on a daily basis with a wide variety of patients.
Cleveland State University Motion Lab
August 1, 2014 A 25 ft., recessed rail was installed in the State-of-the-Art Motion Analysis Lab in the Health Sciences Department in the College of Sciences and Health Professions at Cleveland State University. Dr. Debbie Espy will be doing leading cutting edge research utilizing the MASS Rehab slip trainer for slip and trip training to gather data on the adaptability to perturbation. Subjects will be donning the MASS Rehab harness while conducting the testing for prevention of falling.
Conjoined Twins, Ronnie and Donnie, Give Thanks
July 5, 2014 Conjoined twins, Ronnie and Donnie Galyon, gathered with friends to celebrate the 4th year marking their greater independence. This was made possible due to the generous support of many volunteers, including Dr. Kurt Jackson and Steve Heinrichs, business owners of MASSRehab, who donated a rail system and a customized harness running from their customized bed to the bathroom in the addition that was built onto their brother’s, Jim Galyon, home. This addition allowed Ronnie and Donnie to move in with him and his wife, so they could continue to live an independent life with greater security. More than 200 local residents of the greater Dayton area with the oversight of a New York based charity, Christian Youth Corps, volunteered thousands of hours four years ago to work on the addition of their brother’s home in Beavercreek, OH. The addition included oversized doorways, wide halls, and a smooth surface to manage their wheelchair. TLC, The Learning Channel, made and aired a documentary of this generous collaboration, and it can be found on the internet. Everyone had a wonderful time celebrating this event with Ronnie and Donnie, their family, friends, and other volunteers. We are glad to report that they are exercising and walking 14 laps a day, inside their new addition, keeping them strong and healthy and not yet needing to use the rail and harness system!
Rehab Harness
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